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fandoms: many
ships: multi
currently: ace attorney/the great ace attorney, haikyuu!!, sasaki and miyano, jeweler richard, natsume yuujinchou, s-classes that I raised, unrepentant chilchuck stan (dunmeshi), orv
I enjoy collective fandom creative endeavors! If you want help with formatting/layout, organization/project management, graphics, or writing moderation, drop me a message anywhere~
Currently booked through mid 2024

May I translate your work?
Most likely yes, though I'd like to hear the details. Please DM me on twitter.
May I repost your work?
Do you take fic or art commissions?
Nope! Though I do giveaways, so keep an eye out if you're interested in a request.
Are you going to finish [x]?
If it's been posted, it will be finished. I cannot promise when, but a post is always a promise to myself first and foremost, and I like to finish what I start. :)
May I ask you about [x] in your fic?
Of course! I keep my DMs open, and I always love to talk about writing.

Quick reference of larger fandom projects

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Last updated: February 16, 2024


Serendipity: A SakuAtsu Zinetwt / ao3WriterComplete
Thank You For The Memories: A Suna Rintarou Zinetwt / ao3WriterComplete
Ambition: A Miya Atsumu Zinetwt / ao3WriterComplete
Studio Haikyuutwt / ao3WriterComplete
Memory Lanetwt / ao3Guest WriterComplete
Omakase: A Miya Osamu Zinetwt / ao3Writer, Emergency LayoutComplete
Haikyuu!! Gone Wildtwt / ao3Guest WriterComplete
HQ Tarot Projecttwt / ao3WriterDiscontinued
Pillars of Love: Ace Attorney Writer Zinetwt / ao3WriterComplete
Missing Years: A 7 Year Gap Zinetwt / ao3WriterPending Aftersales
The Great Chuunosuke Chroniclestwt / ao3Mod (writing, layout, organization)Complete
Phoenix Wright Zinetwt / ao3WriterPending Aftersales
Right Words: a nrmt/mtnr Ace Attorney Zinetwt / ao3WriterComplete
to be determined: a sunaosa anthology projecttwt / ao3Mod (solo)Complete
Desire: An AsoRyuu Marriage Zinetwt / ao3Mod (emergency graphics/layout)Complete
Bolt from the Blue: An EJP Raijin Zinetwt / ao3Mod (writing, graphics, layout)Preorders
A New Lead: Great Ace Attorney Investigations Zinetwt / ao3Mod (writing, layout, organization)Preorders
INSPIRED: A SakuAtsu Anthologytwt / ao3Mod (head)Creation

Fan Events

SunaOsa Valentine's Exchangetwt / ao3Participant (writer)Complete
KazeTsuyo Valentine's ExchangetwtParticipant (artist)Complete
Haikyuu Big Bangtwt / ao3Pinch hitter (artist)Complete
"twt / ao3Pinch hitter (artist)Complete
SakuAtsu Big Bangtwt / ao3Participant (artist)Complete
SakuAtsu Exchange 2021twt / ao3Participant (artist)Complete
"twt / ao3Pinch hitter (writer)Complete
SunaKomo Exchangetwt / ao3Participant (writer)Complete
SunaOsa Summer Exchange (SOSx)twt / ao3Mod (general + graphics)Complete
Klapollo Minibangtwt / ao3Participant (writer)Complete/Hiatus
SakuAtsu Exchange 2022twt / ao3Participant (writer)Complete
SunaOsa Spring Exchange 2023twt / ao3Mod (general + graphics)Complete

This is not all of my wips, but a rough overview of larger projects or longstanding wips for anyone interested in updates. Updated as needed.

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TitleFandom / shipTypeStatusPlanned Completion
Card Crossedaa / klapolloMulti-ChapterHiatusWinter 2024
the name of that flowerhq / snosSeriesHiatusSpring 2024
softly, slowly, surelyhq / snosFiclet SeriesHiatusTBD
flyweight lovehq / sktsSeries2/2 in progressWinter 2024
Never Look Awayhq / sktsSeries2/2 in progressWinter 2024
in the same boatdgs / asoryuuSeries2/3 in progressSpring 2024
Komori's Guideshq / snkm + sktsSeries2/3 in progressWinter 2023
brilliance, luster, firehq / sktsMulti-chapter FicHiatusWinter 2024
Find Me a Lovehq / sktsMulti-chapterHiatusWinter 2024
All the World's a Stagehq / variousOpen seriesHiatusn/a